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Deoksoon Kim

Deoksoon Kim is an associate professor at Lynch School of Education at Boston College. Deoksoon Kim’s research focuses on understanding the needs of immigrant students in order to help them learn English and succeed in school. She also investigates how to use instructional technology to facilitate language learning and teacher education. She has done researches on gender and immigration, social and emotional development, and STEM teaching and learning.

Founder and Director


Drina Yatsu

Drina Yatsu is a doctoral student specializing in language & literacy at Boston College’s Curriculum & Instruction program. She has taught and tutored elementary students, professional adults, and is currently a teaching assistant for a graduate-level course. She loves developing creative activities and curriculum to engage all students in their learning.

Associate Director & Teacher 

Katrina Borowiec

Katrina Borowiec is a PhD Candidate in Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, and Assessment (MESA) at Boston College. In addition to her experience as a teaching assistant and statistics tutor, she has six years of part-time professional experience working with adult learners. Her favorite part of teaching is watching students develop their academic confidence.

Head of Research & Teacher 

Yoonmi Kang

Yoonmi Kang is a graduate student studying Education Policy and Analysis at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has experience teaching elementary students in various schools, including an international school in Korea, suburban and urban schools in the Boston area. She also has undergraduate degrees in Elementary Education, and Applied Psychology and Human Development.

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Assistant Director & Teacher 

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Mary Austin

Teacher Coordinator & Teacher

Mary Austin is a fourth-year student studying Secondary Education and History at Boston College. She has taught at both the middle school and high school level. She is also part of the five-year graduate program in Curriculum and Instruction. Her teaching philosophy is rooted in making learning hands-on, engaging, and relevant to student’s lives and interests.

curriculum development

Our teachers


Yuqi Wang


Yuqi Wang is a graduate student studying Curriculum and Instruction at Boston College.She has experience teaching English as a teacher and assistant in the Chinese international school. And she has an undergraduate degree in Preschool Education, and also has experience teaching in the kindergarten. She believes that teaching to motivate students' interest in learning is a good way for students to learn.

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Ben Chieng 


Ben is currently a junior at Boston College, majoring in International Studies. Having been a teaching assistant, he is interested in developing his teaching further.


Amy Li


Amy is a junior double majoring in Applied Psychology & Human Development and Economics at Boston College. She is interested in Education and Counseling, and enjoys working with children. She has had four years of working with children with disabilities in the past.  

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Ran Tao


Ran is currently a junior at Boston college, double majoring in Applied Psychology & Human Development and Communication. She joined Dr. Kim’s research team in spring, 2023. Ran has already had an interest in the educational system, as well as other areas such as counseling and Human Resources.

Sylvie Qiu


Sylvie Qiu is a senior at Boston College majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development and minoring in Linguistics. She has experience in teaching both English and Mandarin. She is passionate about language education and wishes to create more learning  opportunities for students with diverse backgrounds. 

Sarah Alexander


Sarah Alexander is a junior at Boston College studying Applied Psychology and Human Development. She has experience working with kids in many different settings such as educational summer camps. DK English School has additionally given her the opportunity to teach ELL in an online setting. While she is pursuing many different career
pathways, this experience has opened ELL teaching as a possible option as she enjoys seeing students quickly improve and benefit.

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Hailey Shin


My name is Hailey Shin and I am a senior double-majoring in Elementary Education and Applied Psychology & Human Development at Boston College. I was a student-teacher for four different elementary schools in the Boston Public Schools District. After graduation, I plan to pursue my passion for educational equity at USC Rossier School of Education and hopefully teach students with mild/moderate disabilities in urban schools. 

DK Mentoring online
affiliated members

The following members are from our DK Mentoring Online research team.

Please also check out our DK Mentoring Online WEBSITE for more detailed information!


Lacey Zhang

Lacey is a senior at Boston College studying applied psychology and human development. She had some TA experiences back in high school and tutored English classes for elementary students back in China. Her current internship provides her the opportunity to go to different schools and hospitals to assist therapists in music therapy sessions. Besides this, she also had some experiences tutoring children with autism and children with down syndrome.


Yan Li 

Yan Li is a graduate student in Curriculum and Instruction at Boston College and has a Bachelor's degree in elementary education. She has worked in elementary and middle schools in the Greater Boston area for the past 4 years and tutored for the past 7 years. She loves working with students and her goal is to meet each student where they are at to support them in learning the way they learn best!

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Thea He

Thea He is currently a senior at Tianjin University of Science and Technology, majoring in Business English. Xinyue has worked as teacher assistant in different education groups, and Head of Operation in Yozer Community English School. During her college study, Xinyue was the chair of Photographic Association of TUST. Her strong interest in media technology and her internship in TAL, which is a leading education and technology enterprise in China, inspire her to pursue her passion in Education Technology in the future.

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Jingyi Xu

Jingyi is a junior at Boston College studying Applied Psychology & Human Development and Economics. Karida joined the DS research team in fall, 2018. Currently, she also works at the Office of International Students & Scholars, and she cares about affairs related to international students.


Yezi Zheng

Yezi is a Junior studying at Boston College, a double major in Applied Psychology and Mathematics, minor in History. Though she was always a natural science student, her AP World History teacher in high school raised her interest in social science. After trying different majors in her Freshman and Sophomore year, Yezi started to have lots of interest in mental health education. She decided to explore and evaluate more about the educational field.


Yi Zhao

Yi Zhao studies Language and Literacy at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has experience of teaching various languages including English, Chinese and Spanish. Her teaching philosophy is to discover students’ uniqueness and bring every student equitable education.

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May Chen

May Chen is currently a junior at Boston College, majoring in Applied Psychology & Human Development and Economics. As a member of BC’s Eagle Volunteers, she used to work as teaching assistant in local elementary schools and has two-year experience in one-on-one ESL tutoring.


Lily Xu

Lily is a Sophomore undergraduate at Boston College in Applied Psychology & Human Development and Communication. She joined the DS research team in fall, 2019. She is passionate about higher education and educational policy, and she wants to help children in remote region in China.

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Yoly Liu

Yoly is currently an honors junior in Lynch School of Education and Human Development, Boston College. She joined Dr. Kim’s research team in spring, 2019 and has been working with Professor Kim on multiple projects. Yoly is passionate about building effective and sustainable education institutions all over the world and dedicating in advocating education equity and social justice.

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Catherine Day 

Catherine Day is a Russian language and literature major at Boston College. She has two years of experience teaching elementary school and middle school ESL students at Edison school in Brighton. Her favorite part of teaching is forming connections with her students and having fun in the classroom!


Mary Brooks


Mary Brooks is a junior at Boston College studying Applied Psychology and minoring in Hispanic Studies as well as Peace, Faith, and Justice. She has been a Resident Assistant for freshmen for the past two years which has made her realize her passion for mentoring as well her interest in pursuing higher education. Mary would also like the opportunity post graduation to serve abroad in a Spanish-speaking country.

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Amanda Doria 

Amanda Doria is a junior at Boston College majoring in Elementary Education and Communication. In addition to working in a variety of classroom settings, she has also been a camp counselor for many years. Her favorite part of teaching is getting to know the students and helping them learn more about something they’re excited about.


Amy Tian

Amy is currently a high school senior at The Hockaday School. She has been tutoring elementary school students around her district for the past four years. She joined Dr. Kim's website team in June 2021, and is working with Katrina on various research projects. Amy is very grateful to have this opportunity to expand her interests in marketing, global teaching, and academic research.


Tiffany Zhu

Tiffany is a currently a junior at Boston College, majoring in Applied Psychology & Human Development, minoring in Higher Education and Korean Studies. She joined Dr.Kim's research team in Spring 2020. She is interested in Higher Education in community and school settings, Human Resources, and educational technology & media.

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Yanzhi Wang

Yanzhi is a senior at Boston College majoring in Applied Psychology and Human Development with minors in English and Theater. She has some tutoring experiences back in high school, and spending time with kids is one of her greatest enjoyment. Her teaching philosophy is to cultivate students' learning enthusiasm through creative self-expression and idea-sharing. Education is about empowerment, and that's what facilitates changes.

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Annie Miles

Annie Miles is an Applied Psychology and Elementary Education major who has been working with children for as long as she can remember. All of her best memories in teaching come from seeing the "lightbulb" go off in student's heads when they understand a concept. She loves getting to know students outside of the classroom and enjoys learning about their hobbies, goals, and personalities.

Ciara Rushe

Ciara Rushe is a junior at Boston College studying Elementary Education and Applied Psychology & Human Development. She has a passion for working with children and has dreamed of becoming a teacher since she was five years old. She has been working with young children for years through various tutoring and teaching experiences and is eager to learn more about how to best support emerging English language learners. Ciara is currently pursuing the TELL certification from Boston College and has thoroughly enjoyed her first bilingualism course at the university.


Isabella Benson

Isabella Benson is a senior at Boston College studying Applied Psychology and Human Development with minors in Marketing and Spanish. Her passion for the DK English School comes from her motivation to celebrate language-learning and give children confidence to achieve academic and personal success. Isabella is grateful for the opportunity to combine her passions of spanish, teaching, and marketing to support the DK English School.

Lauren Brett

Lauren Brett is a senior at Boston College studying Elementary Education and Applied Psychology and Human Development.  She loves working with kids and has experience teaching elementary age children at local schools in the Boston area over the past two years.  These experiences have provided her with the opportunity to work with English Language Learners often and develop her skills and abilities in this area. She will continue her student teaching education working full-time at Countryside Elementary School in Newton this fall.

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